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The Google Mobile Orchestra

The Google Mobile Orchestra - 3D from Daniel Iglesia on Vimeo.

Upcoming gig at Canessa Gallery, SF, April 12
"The Mobility is the Message: the Development and Uses of MobMuPlat", presented at PdCon16, NYC.

Performance with Sideband Mobile Quartet (Lainie Fefferman, Anne Hege, Jascha Narveson) of Reality Denied Comes Back To Haunt and Jascha Narveson's In Line at the 2015 New Music Gathering, San Francisco Conservatory. "Sideband Mobile Quartet played a few scores that showed that your iPad is ready for prime time, as an instrument." - Allan Kozinn, WSJ

The HoloPhone, semifinalist in the 2015 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. Coverage in Vice, PopSci.

MobMuPlat arrives on Android!.

Performance with Sideband Mobile Quartet and Spirograph Agnew at the Center For Fiction. Concert themed around the work of Philip K. Dick.

Premiere of Polyarchy for trumpet, two electronic percussion, and live video. Performed by Andy Kozar (trumpet), Chris Graham + Justin Wolf (Iktus Percussion).

Performances of Cinematic Skyline Opening and 24 Axes at the 2013 Dumbo Arts Festival.

Killer show at JACK with Spirograph Agnew, On Structure, and The Miz'Ries
"...the best show I've seen in ages" - Matt Marble

OxLork (Oxford Laptop Orchestra) performes two of my works for laptop ensemble at Hack the Barbican.

Many gigs with Sideband including Roulette, Google NYC HQ, the Unplay Festival, and more.
"a paradoxically visceral, endlessly engaging program of inventive pieces by its members..." - Steve Smith, NY Times

quick romp through PLOrk 2013

MobMuPlat has arrived.
Big Site here

Talujon Percussion Ensemble performs Hard Square at the DiMenna Center.

The Rangeinet is here! Project Page
Quoted and MiniMash plug in a BBC article

A/V performances at Dystorpia Media Series at Outpost

reactive installation Older Effigies in show Art That Iterates, Macy Gallery, Teachers College

Performance with Spirograph Agnew, plus premiere of solo A/V performance piece Cinematic Skyline Opening,
at the River to River Festival

La Création de l'Arpégiateur for 8 piece laptop ensemble, premiered by Sideband

Sideband at the Museum of the Moving Image

Sideband at the New Music Bake Sale, TCNJ, and SLEO
Spirograph Agnew at Vaudeville Park and Brooklyn Fire Proof East

SpaceLab is here! So much fun, for only $0.99!

Spirograph Agnew ripping "it" up at Spectacle Theater
DATALORE and Phase Vidcoder (with Tze Chun) at ARTTALK @ Culturehub

The Gaits, a High Line Soundwalk, with Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson, and Cameron Britt. NYT story
Featured composer on the podcast No Extra Notes

performance with Spirograph Agnew

live video for Natacha Diels' + Ensemble Pamplemousse's Monodrama, Issue Project Room

new music for "Flower and Willow", with the Tze Chun Dance Company, premiered at Center for Performance Research

live video for the premiere of Lu Wang's Flowing Water Study II at Zankel Hall, with the American Composers Orchestra, opener of the Sonic Festival. photo: Richard Perry/NYTimes

live 3D video with Wolf Eyes at the VIA Festival, Pittsburgh

DATALORE at the always wonderful World Maker Faire. photo:Nick Normal

Spirograph Agnew is gonna blow your mind

Drop everything and go buy MiniMash right now

Phase Vidcoder at LaMaMa Gallery. (Photo: Lindsey Medeiros)

DATALORE at I/O chip music

big 3D oscilloscope fun at killer Museum of the Moving Image Party with Jim Altieri, violin

concerts with the Princeton Laptop Orchestra ! Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, and 92YTribeca. ( page )

DATALORE at Cameo.

DATALORE at Chez Shortlived.
new 3D performances at Exapno Music Center's Kwanzukamas Party

American Engineer performed at Queens College
live mashup DJ fun at dorkbot 10th anniversary party

TED talk at TEDxBrooklyn, on the Princeton Laptop Orchestra
related press: interview at PSFK

Oscilloscope 3D and Bin2 at World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science

Sound design for TS Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, St. Joeseph's Church, Brooklyn
"..the production has the odd effect of seeming far away in distance but near in sound. The almost uncanny quality captures the sense of standing in awe of something ineffably vast but that still speaks to you." New York Times (photo:Hunter Canning, NYT)

Asian tour with the Tze Chun Dance Company! Performances at the LDTX Theater (Beijing), the American Pavilion at the World Expo (Shanghai), the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (Guangzhou), and Y-Space and the Hong Kong Arts Center (HK). Truly eye-opening.
performances with Ursula Kwong-Brown, Emery LeCrone, Andrew Yee, Alex Lipowski and PGT, at Le Poisson Rouge
Secret Show with Emery LeCrone, choreographer and dancer, Williamsburg
Double Pundit Bingo for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, Princeton

artist's presentation on my algorithms for live 3D video at dorkbot, Location One Gallery
American Engineer for ensemble, electronics, and live 3D video, performed by the Argento Ensemble, Miller Theater
Cardinality Aleph Two for two piano, two percussion, and live 3D video, performed by Yarn/Wire, Tenri Cultural Institute. Vid on their blog
Oscilloscope 3D at Carrier Records Night at Issue Project Room, along with Yarn/Wire, Wet Ink, the Dan Peck Trio, and Glissando Bin Laden
Rarescale (Carla Rees) performs Live Stock for flute, piano, and live electronics, at Saint Leonard's Church, London

The European Bridges Ensemble perform Pundit Bingo at the Hamburger Klangwerktage at the Kampnagel, Hamburg, and at the Music in the Global Village Festival, Budapest

Phase Vidcoder 2.0, live performance system for dance, with the Tze Chun Dance Company at the Tank

Pundit Bingo at the Hamburger Klangwerktage
Residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida
Bin at Washington Project for the Arts' Experimental Media Series, at the Philips Collection (D.C.), MICA (Maryland), and The Hirshorn Museum (D.C.)
Installation Bin at Art Pop Montreal

new A/V performances for 3D glasses at art+tech @ the lab, San Francisco,

Foniesin Anteconcert for chamber orchestra, performed by the Ostravska Banda at Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Artist in residence with the European Bridges Ensemble

Four A/V performances around Evora, Portugal, in the Escrita Na Paisagem Festival

Artist's Residency at I-Park, CT

Monkeytown show with sitarist Pradeeep Ratnayake and the Draftmasters, plus Glissando Bin Laden

Installation for Welcome Sound, Roosevelt, NJ by Daniel Iglesia and Victoria Estok

Visiting Artist, creating dance+live video works with students of Tze Chun, Milton Academy, MA

New videos of my 3D work with The Draftmasters! click through to vimeo to see the glorious HD versions...

So Percussion plays Hard Square for percussion quartet (two sample pads, vibraphone, temple blocks and sampler) at Roulette
Ghost Jockey, generative AV installation at Festival de Arte Digital, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Mashup aka Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated, for percussion and electronics, for the Armitage Gone! Dance Company at The Kitchen

3D video performance with The Draftmasters (live plotter printers) at "You're Doing It Wrong: Creative Misuse of Technology", at the 92nd St Y Tribeca

New generative 3D installation, at the "For the Love of Art" party, Galapagos Art Space

Residency at Teacher's College EdLab: Series of generative/reactive audio/video installations for 3D glasses (generative applets working online!), made as a resident at Teacher's College EdLab.
3D video performances with Plasticity (Robert Madler) at Harvestworks and at Monkeytown
Election night special: 3D audio&video performances at Free Form Mash Up incorporating live news feeds.

Generative A/V installation DX-Heaven, in group show "BITMAP:as good as New", travels to Philadelphia!
flickr page

Phase Vidcoder - audio/video system for dance from D.I. on Vimeo.

Music and live dancer-generated video at performances by the Tze Chun Dance Company

live 3D video performance, with Joshua Fried at RAKE series, Monkeytown

live 3D A/V performance, with many acts from the Princeton-Columbia electronic music continuum, The Tank

The Talea Ensemble performs Contrapositive Antidote for ensemble, live electronics, and live 3D video, at Kathy Supove's Music With a View Series, Flea Theater

Columbia's Collegium Musicum performs Miserere for choir, Saint Paul's Chapel, Columbia

live 3D performance systems, Monkeytown, with ExclusiveOr (Sam Pluta & Jeff Snyder) and Seth Cluett

The International Contemporary Ensemble performs Renegotiation for ensemble & electronic percussion, Merkin Hall

new electronic music for Out and About, production by the Tze Chun Dance Company, Merce Cunningham Studio

installation and performance at "Video as an Instrument", Supreme Trading Company Gallery

3D performance and presentation at SVA

the SEM Ensemble performs Transfaction for string quartet and live electronics, Willow Place Theater

new 3D (red-blue glasses) performance systems, at La Superette's ViewMaster Festival @ Chashama Times Square, and at Flow series @ Monkeytown. Upcoming shows at Monkeytown, SVA, the Tank, and more.
project page

"DX-Heaven", generative A/V installation, at VertexList Gallery's mega-cool group show "BITMAP: as good as new" (catalog), part of BlipFestival 07

A/V piece for 3D glasses at Operation CMYK's Operation Blacklist at Monkeytown
live electronics performance in opera world premiere Man: Biology of a Fall at Kumble Theater, Brooklyn

A/V installation from drawings by Caroline Bergonzi at L Gallery Studio, Tribeca
performance at Monkeytown with Sam Pluta and Scott Smallwood

electronic music for Go-Ban, by the Tze Chun Dance Company, at WAXWorks, Dance Theater Workshop, and Dance New Amsterdam

live video design and performances in CHAMP! indie sci-fi rock opera multimedia spectacular, at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar and HERE art center
audio installation at the Roosevelt Art Project Audio Walk, Roosevelt, NJ
electronic music for the Washington Ballet, choreographer Karole Armitage
performance with Project Transonic, at Roulette

Sound design and composition for Woyzeck, director Marike Splint, Theater at Riverside Church
Performance at CMC Fun Night! March 29

live recombinant pop performance at the the Warper Party at The Delancey
sample clip

new A/V performance at the Build/Decay Festival at The Tank
sample clip

sound and media desgin for a stretch of Suzan-Lori Parks' 365 Days/365 Plays, director Shira Milikowsky, at Ars Nova and The Public Theater
Presentation atdorkbot-atlanta
Marisa Olson presenting "Oh Yeah I Love You Baby", which I helped implement, at dorkbotNYC, Dec 6th, Location One

Transfaction for string quartet and electronics at Rose Studio, Lincoln Center. Performed by the Allsar Quartet

Performance of improvisational transposition, with Corrina Lynch, viola, and Jody Redhage, cello, at Moss Gallery
In it, I take the audio input of the instruments and transpose it to various pitches on the fly, making various chords and spectra. audio sample(coming shortly)

Temporide installation in "Contemporary Mathematical Photography and New Media", New Image Gallery

A/V performance at The Stone with (L-R) Victor Adan, Terry Pender, Luke Dubois, Brad Garton, Jeff Snyder, and Damon Holzborn (N.P.)

Ghost Jockey installed at ICMC2006, New Orleans

Live dramatic sound design for Shira Milikowsky's The Golem, The Theatre at Riverside Church
presentation at May dorkbot NYC
dorkbot on cnn.com!
I talked about Temporide, Spectral Audio Tools I, II, III, and Ghost Jockey

sound & video design for Ambiguous Bliss: the Fairy Tale Plays of Robert Walser, director Shira Milikowsky
performance at March's Warper Party
goofy video of me! at onebluemonkey.com
wrap-up video and pics at onebluemonkey.com
sample performance vid at YouTube
show review at Chain DLK

Ghost Jockey at EyeBeam's Circuits exhibition

pictures page

Live video for dance production Open Field at Merce Cunningham

American Engineer installation at PatriArt. Projected through plexiglass.