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MobMuPlat Gallery

a project of Iglesia Intermedia

Videos of people making things...

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Lots of stuff on OtemRellik's YT channel and blog

Create Digital Music
PureData Japan big tutorial (JP)
CloseBox and OpenPod (JP)
Akiho Matsumoto (JP)

"Experimental Mobile Music" by Masayuki Akamatsu, Beijing
"App Music: "Mobile Music Making", Matthias Krebs, Berlin

MobMuPlat-Funhouse by Chiharu Nameki

FrequencyMobmulator by Travis Henry

A wave shaping frequency modulator, left is modulator and right is carrier signal. You can select the type of wave of each signal, the x axis is wave "center" and the y axis is frequency. The bottom slider is volume (under the carrier) and width of modulation (under the modulator.) The vertical slider is a clipper, so all the way up is unaltered and all the way down transforms your wave into a pulse modulation wave. Finally the top slider, which only affects the 8th wave form currently, shapes the wave from a sine on the left, to a triangle in them middle, to another wave that mirrors the sine wave across the triangle wave.A second page controls the Y-range of the XY slider and its center pitch, and also the modulation width range.

Cats by Hana Shin

The app uses random number generation to trigger certain pitches and corresponding squares to appear. Press the button to start, slide the bar to change tempo, tilt to increase the probability that the tones and squares will appear on the corresponding side/corner (the differences can be subtle both visually and aurally), shake (you will hear a squeak every time you shake) to simultaneously transpose by semitone and change the sine/phasor ratio in the tones.

Notori by Yuichirock (Yuichiro Katsumoto)

Notori is a play kit that can revive a worn-out Smartphone. Since Smartphone often upgrade their phones, the number of phones which are serviceable but not used is also increasing. By combining traditional wooden toys with simple apps, Notori revitalizes out-of-date Smartphones and provides an attractive experience for children.

Firefly with me: distributed synchronization of musical agents

A system where individual musical nodes are aware of others and adapt to reach a synchronous state provides a collaborative active music performance for smartphones.